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Our events examine law and the rule of law from different perspectives – through discussion rounds, film evenings, book presentations or artistic formats and performances.

You missed one of our events? No problem – in our media centre you will find audio and film recordings of selected events.

Highlights in 2023

Our annual theme this year, Law and Justice, addresses questions such as: Is law always just? What do people understand as justice? Who actually calls the shots in a constitutional state?

Two special artistic projects this year revolved around law and justice. In Braunschweig, our series of talks accompanying the theatre project by the directing duo KrügerXWeiß offered impulses on the central functions of court proceedings for our society. The talks with legal experts focused on topics such as trial publicity or “transitional justice”.

Artist Yves Mettler and lawyer Antoine Bailleux made EU court rulings tangible with their project “Europaplatz (Recht sprechen)” (“Europe Square (Speak Law)”) through installations in Karlsruhe’s urban space. The project was developed in cooperation with the Law Forum Foundation and the Centre Culturel Franco Allemande.

Der Prozess

What is the function of court proceedings for society?

Our Public Science Labs

How can we make law and the rule of law tangible and what spaces are needed for participatory programmes? In 2022 and 2023, the Law Forum Foundation invited international experts and interested parties from various fields to find answers and best practice examples to these and many other questions. All panels can be viewed here in our video feed.

Law and justice digital

Dive into our podcast “Justice, Baby!” and get to know exciting perspectives on law and justice!

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