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What is justice?

People all over the world have different answers to this. Our new podcast takes a closer look at law and justice! From 15 March, the programme curator of the Law Forum Foundation, Kathrin Schön, will be talking to two guests per episode from society, judicial system, science and culture.
Tune in and immerse yourself in new perspectives, exciting facts and background information on justice topics such as punishment, unity, revenge or peace.

Who developed this podcast?


The idea for the podcast was born in the summer of 2021 and stems from a statement made by Jill Savitt of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta at the Digital Symposium of the Law Forum Foundation: “The people want to see justice!

The desire for justice is the strongest motor for social change processes and is at the beginning of every preoccupation with one’s own rights – but also duties – in a community. The podcast “Justice, Baby!” takes this desire seriously and explores the question of how just our legal system is in 13 episodes.

What does equality before the law mean? What are just punishments? How does our sense of justice arise? And what does revenge have to do with the desire for justice?

Kathrin Schön is programme curator of the Forum Law Foundation and developed and realised the podcast together with the Foundation’s team. Vanessa Mittmann and Andrea Wojtkowiak, as co-editors, brought the episodes to life with everyday stories.
Fraence Grethe and Karolina Hanisch advised the team on legal issues.
The podcast was produced by Stephan Wiesner and Anna Kunzmann from L’Agence.
Luise John from PikDrei developed the graphics and the key visual. The project website and the pop-up were designed by the refines team. The social media and marketing measures were developed and implemented by Murat Ham, Franziska Walter, Romy Klemm, Hannah Schelly and Sabine Faller.


“Justice, Baby! The Podcast on Law and Justice” is the first podcast project of the Law Forum Foundation. Each episode of the thirteen editions is dedicated to a specific aspect such as punishment, unity, revenge or peace. Kathrin Schön talks to guests from society, the judiciary, science and culture per programme. Is justice always just? How do personal ideas of justice fit in with binding rules for all? And how can we shape the rules for our coexistence together?

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The Law Forum Foundation was founded in 2019 by an act of the German Bundestag and has the mission to make law and the rule of law tangible in its diversity and with current references.

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Portraitfoto von Kathrin Schön, Leiterin Programm und Veranstaltungen