Junges Forum Recht


Rule of law - what does that mean for you and your daily life?!

JUNGES FORUM RECHT is a project that we are launching together with young people: Together we want to develop a small exhibition that will be visible to everyone in the Foundation’s rooms in Karlsruhe. 

Based on your ideas, we will jointly set up a digital or analogue exhibition to creatively address the question: What does it mean to you to live with the rule of law? 

What are the challenges of a democracy?
Is the rule of law always just?
Do fundamental rights apply equally to everyone?
Where do you encounter law in your daily life?
Do you rely on the state? And: Does the state rely on you?

Share your thoughts, wishes, or questions with us!

Together with you we will think about ways to realise your ideas.

For example, you can

    produce a short film

    conduct interviews or

    design objects or a poster exhibition.

We will act as co-creators and guide you all along the way: From refining your idea, through realising the exhibition until opening night. 

Any questions? Here are our FAQs:

Please send us:

  • a short project proposal with your first idea.
  • information on what materials would be necessary for your project.
  • a rough estimate of the costs.
  • a short description of yourself and your group (How many participants would be part of the project, your age group etc.)

Every year we are selecting up to three exhibition projects. The topic should be close to your heart, something you want to raise awareness for and which has a connection to the legal field. For example, you could touch on topics like democracy, climate politics, discrimination, human rights or justice.

Are those topics relevant to your daily life and is your perspective taken into account? If you have any questions regarding finding your topic, please, do not hestitate to get in touch!

No, absolutely not! Our team will support you on your way from the initial idea, to realising the exhibition up to opening night.

Yes, there are budgets for the concepting and realising the exhibitions.

The Junge Forum Recht is targeted towards young people all over Germany. We can work on the project together online or at a specific locetion (e.g. your school or a workshop room) – we will be happy to visit you. We can help fund travel expenses to our location in Karlsruhe for the opening event.

The timeframe is dependent on the date of your concept submission. After submitting your idea, your group will have up to four months to work on the project with our team. Afterwards we will open your exhibition to the public in Karlsruhe. Friends and family are obviously more than welcome to join you!

You want to take part, have any questions or feedback?

Please, get in touch with Nadine Korn, our head of education: korn[at]stiftung-forum-recht.de

We are looking forward to getting to know you and your ideas!

Copyright: Felix Grünschloß

Illustrations: Johanna Benz