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Netiquette of our websites and social media channels

We want to know which issues affect you in the areas of law and the rule of law. After all, democracy and the rule of law thrive on discussion. Our social media presence keeps you informed on our projects, public events as well as on law, justice and the rule of law in general. In addition, we are interested in hearing your opinions and feedback on this and discussing it with you.

This works best for everyone if:

  • – your statements are clear, brief and recognisable as your own. Brevity is the spice of life.
    – It is clear to others which sources and examples you are referring to. Where was that again?
    – you refrain from personal attacks or strongly emotionalising language. Take it easy.


We look forward to your contributions. We would like to see a respectful, constructive and dialogue-oriented tone. We reserve the right to delete comments, postings and links that do not comply with this, violate applicable law and/or do not contribute to a topic-oriented debate. This includes in particular

      • – Threats and stalking
      • – Publication of personal data of third parties
      • – Statements that are personally offensive, discriminatory or disparaging to others, especially in relation to their (assumed) religious background, gender, nationality or origin, as well as appearance, sexual orientation or disabilities.
      • – “Spam messages” – by this we mean comments that are unrelated to the post itself, primarily serving to promote or refer to our own products and platforms.

We have summarised some basic tips for communicating online:

Social networks are public platforms that can be viewed by everyone. Opinions, content and media that you share are also visible to third parties and can be archived and used by them without your consent.

Therefore, be careful not to make any private information public, such as bank details, private addresses, dates of birth, etc., which could be misused by third parties.

As the Foundation is constantly evolving, as are social networks, we would like to point out that this netiquette is also evolving as a result of discussions between our editorial team and our users.

Do you have questions, criticism or suggestions? Your feedback on our work is important to us. Feel free to write to us via the chat functions of the various social networks or send an email to

Last updated: 28.06.2023